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At Himalayan Eco Homes, we present you with a highly filtered list of accommodations in the Indian Himalayas. All of these accommodations are chosen by our team keeping in mind the below 4 features which are of utmost importance to a trekker while arranging a trek for himself in the Himalayas.

  • that it is located only in a Trek Base in the Indian Himalayas, from where a trek either begins or ends.
  • that we facilitate a trekker to as much extent so that he can arrange his own trek without worrying too much about the local resources.
  • that the accommodation we provide is basic, but clean, hygienic, with good views, and justifiably priced at the same time.
  • that through our homestays we offer a platform for rich cultural exchanges through friendly locals and family of the owner
  • that we treat you with local organic delicacies cooked either by the family of the owner or a cook hired locally.
  • that our work help grow the local economy through the principles of Eco-Tourism, Co-existence and Sustenance.
  • that we minimize the impact on the ecology as much as possible through our work ethics, awareness and educating the stakeholders and continuous learning

Trekkers Lodge Pine – Sankri

  • Number Of Guests: 15

Prices start at: 3,600 per night

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Trekkers Lodge Deodar – Sankri

  • Number Of Guests: 9

Prices start at: 3,600 per night

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We believe in a business model where we grow together with our associates and the locality where we work. We follow all the norms of Eco-Tourism..

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