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Trekker’s Lodge Deodar is one of the dream projects of Himalayan High to enable trekkers to experience more of the local culture of the place they visit and also to assist them to undertake their own treks in the Himalayas. Our Sankri Lodge is the first realization of that dream project. It is perhaps the best accommodation available in Sankri few meters away from the hustle-bustle of the main town, in the serene surroundings of the Himalayas, with local kids playing around and people dwelling in their farmlands, birds chirping, eagles flying in the blue sky, women laughing and discussing matters of their concerns with each other… 

Here you feel like a local yourself..

Its a typically constructed wooden hut with local carpenters and looks very elegant from outside while being very comfortable and warm inside. The rooms are very comfortable and spacious with fresh air relaxing you to the soul’s contentment. Though it is in the middle of the village, the facilities provided are top class and is Sankri’s first lodge with an In-House restaurant serving local organic cuisines, which are purchased locally from the villagers only. The menu we serve here is designed for the best care of our trekkers cooked by a local chef who is an expert on local food.   The hospitality is unmatched here as we serve you with the best intention to get you ready for the High Altitude trek that you are undertaking, and our cordial staff treats you like a local son and daughter!

There are 3 rooms in this hut that can accommodate a maximum of 9 people ( 3 bed * 3 rooms). We allow booking of the entire hut for a trekking or a hiking group or you may book just your bed(s) in this hut. When you book your bed in this hut as a group, we will try our best to keep your booking private unless we get booked in full capacity on that very day.

There is a big dining space enough to host 10 – 12 people with a kitchen serving it. There is a separate smoking zone as the rooms being wooden hut are strictly non-smoking rooms. There is a small garden area as well.

Highlights Of Trekkers Lodge Deodar – Sankri

  • A feeling of just being a local. Our staff, the surrounding of the hut, and local people make you feel like one among their own.
  • Mesmerizing Views. The view right outside of the hut offers marvelous views of the 4 snow-capped peaks of Swargarohinis.
  • Local cuisine and organic food menu. Yes, we only serve Local Organic Food here starting with Red Rice, Rajma, Chaulai Ki Kheer, Bethu Ka Soup, Sidku, etc. Even the Garlic and Potatoes are purchased locally.
  • Sankri is a trekking hub. More than 15 treks of all grades start from Sankri. Some of them are very popular like the Bali Pass, Kedarkantha, Har Ki Dun, Rupin Pass, Borasu Pass, Kedarkantha HarkiDun Round Trek, etc.
  • All comfort in one hut. Although it is very common in the cities. However, in a remote Himalayan village, it’s a very difficult thing to ask for. In our Sankri lodge, we have all the required amenities under a single booking. A separate semi-open dining space with a kitchen serving it. A separate smoking zone and a small garden.



Prices start at: 3,600 per night

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